Artist Statement


Ian Hudson



My practice is material and process based, which explores space and colour. Many materials are considered during the construction of a piece. Simply placing contrasting materials next each other can produce a visual and unexpected impact, allowing an artwork to command the environment in which it is located. Excessiveness and a general carnival feeling hold a significant direction when producing my art, I aim to inject fun and plenty of colours into my creations. Skills and knowledge which I have acquired throughout my lifespan are applied when building up demanding pieces. I become engrossed with the material itself, challenging myself to create something astonishing from the mundane. I perceive colour as a material too, its properties and potential are infinite, and it has the power to transform anything from its original form into something majestic.


Obstacles and obstructions are constructed into my artworks, producing abstract and contradictory metaphors, which block my preferable destination or ambition. They hold me back; keep me in my place, denying me the chance to experience the greener grass on the other side.


I blend and blur paint onto surfaces in an instinctive and sensitive manner, creating a rhythm and flow to the works, which enables me to lose the natural constraints of a structured habitat. I often work into the image afterwards, building up the obstacles with expressive strokes, destroying the initial boundaries the paint has established. This expressive, but controlled application of paint gives the work a fluid and spontaneous quality, whilst adding depth to the previous layers.


My sculptures are built up in an automatic fashion, which reflects my instinctive material process. Each side of these sculptures are altered from the previous section, keeping the viewer interested in its ever changing form. My installations are often room consuming, dealing with space, colour, perspectives and light. The purpose is to invite the audience to explore the work, enabling you to become part of the installation and my vision. The obstacles and obstructions are introduced with foreign objects, which hang or stand in and around the artworks vicinity.




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