The Bit About Me



After having a break from creating art for over four years (Ian Hudson: aka Mardy Bum) has made a comeback. I often said, if I was to start creating art again, I would go back to basics, which meant I would leave my metal and abstract works in the past and I would begin to simply draw on paper again.


From this new personal perspective, of drawing, a new style has emerged for me, which saw the alias Mardy Bum being born.


The angle grinders, welding machines and other equipment from my previous art practice, have all gone. They have been replaced with simple art materials, such as pencils, paint and paper. I feel like I have been reborn from an art point of view, which is refreshing, exciting and inspiring.


I did not totally turn my back on the artworld during my years away. I was simply teaching young students the skills I have learnt over my lifespan.


I hope you enjoy my new works,


Mardy Bum.

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